My Beautiful Gold
I love to feel my gold
To sift it through my fingers
To see it sparkle I behold
A night of sin and singers
It buys me nights of pleasure
For riches all I want my greed
I keep it as my secret treasure
Far away from those in need
My palace from their sweat they built
So now I keep them far away
I have no conscience or a guilt
I did what tyrants do okay
Woe is me to lose my ground
Nothing to catch me when I fall
Friendship is a trust I found
There for some but me not at all

Featured in "FreeXpression," and "Write On!!" magazines

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I guess they can sure afford it.

Asi Sansell
over 4 years

Gold, the king metal.

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Asi Sansell

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