The Link to the Past

An ode to all artists
who paint the life as it is,
the times as they are,
the fashions, the architecture,
the modes of transportation,
who without them,
we would have no history,
no idea of what life was like
as the face of life keeps changing
from century to century.
An ode to all artists of
bygone centuries,
creators of the paintings
on the walls of the caves,
cavemen with an eye for beauty,
a desire to see it in his drawings,
to compare them with his subject,
to fine tune them
for the sake of replication,
to look back and admire his
masterpiece on the walls,
elevate his self-esteem,
and see his contribution to history
with the foresight to preserve it.
An ode to all artists
who labor for the love of labor,
who keep thinking that his
best work has not been done yet,
who can’t see the end to his labor,
who work until his time expires,
who have a mind set on the future,
and who are the link between
the past and the present.

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