Some smart phones can talk.
Some can hear.
Some have eyes.
Some have wings.
Some have arms.
Some have feet.
Some can run away like mine did.
After my futile attempts
to make it work, it disappeared.
Upon finding it sitting at the bus stop,
I asked it why it was running away.
“Because you’re too stupid, Stupid.
You can’t even figure out
how to make a phone call.
I can’t hang around with
people like you, the lowest of all.
I hang around people of my
superior intelligence.
They didn’t name me
“”Smart Phone”” for no reason.
I invented smartness.
Stupidity has no place
in my realm of supremacy.
I am the king of kings
and you the pauper of the paupers,
you stupid idiot.
I gotta get out of town, as far
away from you as I can.”
“I guess I won’t be making any
phone calls in the near future,
or maybe none at all ever more,”
thought I.

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Robert L. Martin
30 days

You wouldn't find a smart phone riding on a stupid bus. It couldn't lower itself that much. It has to hobnob with the elite.

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 month

Was your smartphone waiting for the smartbus?

Love it. Been waiting to laugh hard! Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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