Tempest churning, earth all moving,
planets pacing, universe shifting,
thunder talking, lightning dancing,
music nervous, running prestissimo,
waves pounding, rocks laughing,
days racing, too soon the nights,
owls screaming, darkness wailing,
fires burning, sirens screeching,
pendulums swinging, humanity running,
devils laughter, angels weeping,
bells clanging, decibels peaking,
partial meditations, thoughts disrupted,
steel against steel, nerves against nerves,
one step before the madness,
the spoon that stirred the sorcerer’s brew,
the potion seeking its way to the core,
the knifing through the walls of the quiet
until the resistance at the castle gates,
the fighting to end all fighting,
the waving of the white flags,
the laying down of all the weapons,
the signing of the peace treaties
on paper and to the heart’s commitment,
the welcome mats in front of the doors,
the dissolving of all religions
into a new religion called love,
the unriling of the riled,
the smoothing over of the smallest ripple
in the waters of the human spirit,
aggression stymied, love forthcoming,
ahh-h-h-h, the peace,
the consummated peace,
the glory of the quiet.

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Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

Thanx Nelson. I wish love grew as fast as hate did.

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Imagine...just imagine when love is here, there, everywhere. Then the ripples would just be as beautiful as they are nowhere to grow bigger but into love.
I love you my friend. Thanks for this lovely poem.

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