Where Love Stops

Where Love stops

The elders of the church held their meeting last night to discuss whether or not to let gay people join the church.   Some said that homosexuality goes against the laws of nature and its pro-creation; therefore, don’t let them in.  Some said it was the workings of the Devil and it was evil.  Some said it was just disgusting.  Everyone had their biased opinions about it.  
A very religious homosexual man raised his hand, stood up, and began speaking in all sincerity.
“We are all created from the grace of God.  Our sexual preferences are private and inflexible.  If they force us to have warm feelings for the same sex, it is ingrained in our being; therefore, it is not our fault, so we shouldn’t be discriminated against.
We are all disciples of God, to spread his love to everyone.  That love is supposed to be reciprocated, but if it isn’t, it defies what love is supposed to be; an un-interrupted universal grace.  Any biased opinions about it that try to disrupt its flow, go against its intentions.
When love is meant to be expressed between two people, the disruption in its flowing would lie in its non-reciprocation, whether it is between man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman.  If it is sinful, it is in defiance of what love is, a mutual desire to nurture it and keep it flowing.  It cannot be in the love between the same sexes if it is mutual.
Here in church is where the flowing has to be continuous.  It is where God’s love can’t be interrupted by biased judgments.  Only God is capable of being judgmental; but since love is the focus of his teachings, it is in the preservation of that love, that non-discriminate universal grace.  The church has to be the first place to receive and spread his love.  It can’t be where love stops!!”
Then he sat down amid the rest of the elders and all their grumblings.  If his opinion upset them, at least it had some affect in the discussion.  Even though he could be banished from the church, at least he let his principles and homosexuality be known.
Love is private as it is open; for love is love.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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