Pterodactyl pigs with earthly dreams of feeling the ground down beneath,
soaring amongst the dreamy clouds,
landward ho thy sky borne swines
toward Mother Earth to set foot upon in a foreign land away from home,
a habitat trading habitats or a
contrary phenomenon of such,
like a fish hiking along the trail,
or a fish fishing for fishermen,
or a fly swatting a humanoid,
or a mouse chasing after a cat,
or a bathophobic man taking a bath,
or a tomorrow trading places yesterday,
or a helium in a downward motion,
or an invention of a man in reverse,
or a pig feeling the ground below.
Flying pigs in a foreign land
on a platform called ground,
an earthly pressure against the feet,
a can’t go downward anymore,
a looking up at the mountain tops,
an upside down sky right side up
in a place where they don’t belong.
What a weird trip that was,
a phenomenon to scare the hell
out of all flying pigs.
’Tis better to fly back up
into the sky and get
the bearings straight.
Up is up and down is down.
The moral of the story;
If you have a flying pig,
keep him up there.

In response to Nelson's poem "Pigs can Fly."

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Robert L. Martin
5 months

Hi Francis
I'm looking forward to reading your
"Flying Pig.

Nelson D Reyes
5 months

Perfect rejoinder! Love and Fave!

Your contrary phenomenon says it all.
I could imagine John Steinbeck musing the same things. Nothing man can’t do even fly like pigs, or “like a mouse chase a cat”, he must have said. And yes I also saw the green cheese moon. And it was not a well reflection. In fact the night sky was all green as well (check out my lead photo in one of my poems). ;—)

Flying kiss to the pigs in the sky! Stay up there and “keep your bearings straight”.

Thank you Robert.

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