Stay away finale, for my heart is aflame,
This time while cherished moments reign,
When my spirit is touched by angel hands,
Through sunsets and glossy crimson strands,
Down heaven’s corridor with velvet linings,
From cathedrals and lofted belfry chimings,
While time is in between beauty and beauty,
Brushing against the walls softly, tenderly,
Where fragile melodies roam free and easy,
And the silent air kisses the fragrant breezes,
And rides so swiftly along my electric spine,
Where heaven moves the rhythm of time.
I want to stay here in my bliss
Until time becomes a never ending kiss.
Maestro, keep the music flowing
Through eternal corridors,
Through ancient rivers
And spirited troubadours,
Surrounding my heart
With golden open doors.
Keep the finale away until
Time runs out of time,
And immortality begins its climb.

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

Thanx, Nelson. You and I are quite a poem writing team. I start them and you embellish and finish them up.

Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Whistling and stomping feet for more! More! Encore!
The feast of life! Five minutes more! Five generations more! And repeat beyond the End Zone. Like the endless corridor of mirrors, into infinity. Love this poem. Thanks Robert.

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