The Utopia of the modern world today
God undivided from the same lump of clay
Christians and Muslims, Ramadan at the table
The avenue to God, but a different label
To find the paradise is the golden key
To soar to the top is where we want to be
With Commandments and Pillars to upward climb
With knowledge and obedience the two combined
Bibles and Qur’ans, books by the same author
Of supreme intelligence, our certified counselor
The spirit we all seek by the name of God
We take to the heavens with our staff and rod
Allah, we adore thee, the highest of all
God, we adore thee, the highest of all
Different names but all the same spirit
When it appears, we come to revere it
Muslianity, Muslim and Christianity combined
Of faith, devotion, and spirit divine
There comes a heaven for those who seek
The paradise up above where the two shall meet
Allah and God of the undivided spirit
Take us to the holy and highest home

I was invited to a Ramadan feast and thought about writing this poem.

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