In our silent knowledge lie the blueprints of invention, created by God to stimulate us to see beyond familiar concepts.  
The creative mind is like a pioneer of faith with the ability to create and substantiate new ideas cultivated from the old ones.  Some minds are satisfied with things the way they are and have no desire to change them.  Some have a more limited capacity to improve upon them, but are very adept to learning and working with what is already there.  Each one has the knowledge to give to the other.  No one is better than the other.
Creativity draws from God’s gift of invention as being the dominant force within us.  He gave us the ability and fortitude to see and dwell beyond the ordinary.  With him as an overseer it is up to us to keep the seed that he planted fertile and productive.  If we lean upon or own understanding, it could become a flame that burns to unforeseen destruction.  The fragility of creation is proven throughout the ages.
If we live up to the way he works within us, how could we go wrong?

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