Yesterday, me oh my, hot diggity doos,
My red hot out there dancing shoes,
Ran away from me with the flying music
To the heat of the beat with a swinging kick.
Flying through space and keeping time,
And near then far with a leaping rhyme,
Through purple clouds and polka dot maze,
Gett-n down to the flitty nitty gritty craze.
“Wait for me, you solo flying dancing shoes.
Don’t leave me here amid the boos.
Thou hast me forgotten with empty feet,
My feet without the shoes
To the boom boom beat.
I need you, but you don’t need me,
Me here with my abandoned,
Immobile, lonely, feet.
Take me with you.”

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 months

I'm used to stepping on my partner's feet, so maybe that's a good thing that my shoes left without me. At least she won't be hurting so bad.

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 months

Take me with you let’s polka the tango!

Like. Thanks Robert


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