Pockets Of Weirdness

Pockets with pants hanging on them
Pants with talking pockets all around
Talking pockets that laugh at your jokes
Pockets with many laughs and arms
Arms that gather up the pockets
Headlights that shine on the gathering
Pockets that run away when the sun comes out
Pockets that fade with all the glory
Pockets that ride into the sunset
Pockets that jump into the clouds
Clouds that circle around the pockets
Pockets with polka-dot raincoats
Raincoats that exude many pockets
Pockets that jump into mud puddles
Upturned puddles that rain in the pockets
Singing pockets that harmonize together
Harmonizing pockets that sing with gusto
Even pockets that can’t carry a tune
Also heavy pockets that can carry a tune
Wacky pockets that don’t give a damn
Damn pockets that keep the pants from falling
Falling pants that fall below the rising
When the rising rises, the pants stay on
The pockets rise with the rising pants
Into the air go the pants with pockets
Pockets with wings attached
Wings that carry the pants to unknown places
Places that don’t have any pockets
Places that don’t want any pockets
Normal places that don’t need any pockets
That don’t have anything to put in the pockets
That don’t give a damn about pockets
I don’t give a damn about pockets
What’s so good about pockets?

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