Voice Of The Spirit

That silent voice for whom the bells toll,
Those commanding words as the heavens roll.
Its roaring sound hushed by the quiet sages,
Authors of ancient scrolls of a million pages,
That silent voice in those who don’t care,
Speaks through the heart through charity’s fare,
Controlled by the spirit that won’t let go,
God speaks through walls and smiles aglow.
Those who cover up are those who can’t.
Emotions come to be as the heavens chant.
The word of God rises up through the cracks,
Filling in the fissures where resistance lacks.
Those who are contented deep within the soul,
Can’t fight the feeling and have no control.
The spirit of God is behind that contentment.
Through charity it rises up by heaven’s scent.
To those who say there is no God,
“How did your charity
Make you feel so good?”
“From the voice of the spirit,
It did alright.”

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