Religion, as Tyranny Speaks

Your God wants me to love everyone, and respect them for what they are.  
My God taught me to love only those who follow my way of thinking.
Your God is a loving one who shows no favoritism for anyone over anybody else.
My God supports only those who submit to my ideals, and judges them accordingly.
Your God says that religion is a gentle smile that beams down from the Kingdom of Heaven, and oversees all Earthly deeds.
My God says that religion is a clenched fist that dictates what deeds should or shouldn’t be advocated.
Your God says that the Holy Spirit moves within, and begs you to recognize it by submitting yourself to its intentions.
My God is superior to it; therefore, will not debase himself by listening to the Spirit, even though it exists in all humanity.
Your God says that religion is non-discriminate, and the impact of it is based upon how much of it is absorbed in your being. It has no name or classification, because it is weighed by the scales of the infinite.
My God thrives by the chronicles of time to recognize the weak and the strong, and what their fate has to offer.
Your God is an Idealist who speaks to you in a gentle manner, and wishes for you to break the bonds of slavery to free your spirit.
My God is also an Idealist who wishes for you to submit to his desires, by enslaving yourself to his way of thinking.
Your God is a gentle sigh from the voice of the spirit.
My God is a restless explosion of hostility that must find its way out, one way or another from the dark corners of the soul.
My God is man made.  Yours is the voice of Heaven.
My religion caters to my appetite.
Yours caters to the freedom that the Holy Spirit has revealed to you.
My religion is an offspring of free will.
Your religion is the acknowledgement of free will.
Mine is absorbed with power.
Yours is absorbed by the gentle breath of God.
Mine will die from the lust for more power.
Yours will live from the quiet wisdom of infinity.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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Mercedes Dembo
almost 5 years

I agree, love is bigger, it exist for himself.
thank you

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I wish everyone could find the religion within themselves, that religion called "L-O-V-E

almost 5 years


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