The Saintly One

The man next door spends his Sunday mornings working on his house, playing with his children, or helping his neighbors.  Going to church was never on his mind, but the joy from acting through the Holy Spirit was his religion even though he didn’t recognize it as such.  He honored God through his labor in the same manner as upholding the sanctity of joy, resulting from his charity.
Since joy is a manifestation of God, and charity is the cause of that joy, shouldn’t it all be connected to a divine scheme of emotions and actions?  If God didn’t exist, where was he when all of this was put into motion?  It had to start with a benevolent force such as God’s love to keep its stamina throughout the course of thought.  All goodness remains good if it is rooted in divinity.
Going to church doesn’t make someone holy, but feeling and acknowledging what the Holy Spirit does is a step toward it.  Churches can only reveal what religion does for mankind if they learn its rudiments and follow its teachings.  Those who have no charity or joy in their system have much more to learn, but at least religion is a step in the right direction.
The man who stayed home on Sunday mornings is at the spiritual place of where religion wants him to be.  If he attended church he could see that the good he has done has rewarded him and put him much further along the path to sainthood that many of the devoted church– goers are.  His worshiping would speed up the process even more.
Sainthood is the summit for love and charity to reach.  Religion is the guide to send them up the hill.

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