Deep down into the contented mind,
where the new has become the old,
and the old has become the norm,
and the norm has become the dormant,
and the dormant has no mind at all,
satisfied with its weakening state
with no intentions of moving
and no desire to change,
change would be
the rebellious enemy.
When change offers a remedy,
dormancy takes a resistant stand
with its mind and ears closed,
but opens them up enough to hear
the responses of the masses,
to hear what the majority says,
then change can be effective.
The art of change is
the insight into the
weakening of the state,
the proof of the causes,
the presentation of a remedy,
how it benefits the masses,
the proof of its validity,
the gradual acceptance of some,
the spreading of the word
until it becomes fashionable,
the new word for sensible.
The art of change is in the
offering of the ways to
fit in with the majority
while not responding to
the reason for the change.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Great Nelson. Thanx for the feedback.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Comes the time in life when the routine becomes challenging. It is so automatic an activity that it is pregnant with latent changes.
You fixed coffee and found out you didn’t have sugar anywhere in the house. You ended up drinking milk because you hated black coffee.
You didn’t rationalize, you accept. You fit into the situation sans reason. Happy you are in the moment you were in and will have your coffee with sugar next time, next change in your routine which paradoxically is not a change.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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