Scrumptious Leather

“Waiter, I can’t eat this steak.
It’s too tough,” said the customer.
“I’ll get you a hammer and a chisel,”
said the waiter. “Bang, bang, bang,”
went the sound of the hammer.
I still can’t eat it." “I’ll get you a saw,” said the waiter." “R-r-r-rip, rip,” went the saw. “It’s still too hard,”
said the customer. Then I’ll get you
a jack hammer," said the waiter.
After ten minutes of banging away,
it broke, and the steak
was still too tough.
Then he got the bill for the meal.
The steak dinner was $50.00.
The rental of the hammer was $25.00.
The rental of the saw was $25.00.
The cost to replace the
broken jack hammer was $1,200.00.
The bill came to $1,300.00
plus the 15% tip that was $195.00.
So the total bill came to $1,495.00.
After the customer paid the bill, he said, "Thank you for the scrumptious steak dinner.  Thank you for renting me
all those wonderful tools of yours. I’m
so sorry for breaking your jack hammer.
Here is another $100.00 for the trouble
I caused you and for the wonderful food.
My compliments to the chef.
By the way, your water
tasted wonderful. Good-bye.”
Then he rode away on his
broken down old bicycle.

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