“Around your finger, your beautiful finger,
Your empty one that makes my spirit linger,
Your poetic movements of swanlike gestures,
Of melodic heavenly moonlight overtures,
Your beautiful finger, your orchestral baton,
Your lineation of beauty and then beyond,
Your dancing spirit that wraps around me
And pulls me into your mysterious sea,
Your beautiful finger that extends from you,
Where beauty grows, beauty holds true,
Your parts unadorned are parts to me adored,
A shrine before my eyes for now and evermore.
Beauty stirs up the blemishes with a magic potion,
An enchanting mixture beneath the mystic ocean.
Your everything is the embodiment of bliss
As I would die to be for one eternal kiss,
To be smothered by your overwhelming limbs,
From a life not lived to where pleasure begins,
To where two divinities create a third to be born
Under the auspice of the divine as duly sworn.
Upon thy lovely finger, would you accept my ring?
To complete my life and make my heart sing?
Would you pledge your love to me as I do to you?
My darling, I love you more and more every day.
Please marry me, my beloved.”

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Yep. I agree, even though I have to look up a couple of your words. I'm sure they both are full of meaning.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Only way! Got to be total adoration between “Eros archeried souls”, love undivided ever transgress at all times ever hungry for each other sans satiety. Like the ring it is, Love circling two hearts into one.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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