The Money Tree

What you sow today shall multiply ten-fold and more; then tomorrow bestow upon you riches from the garden.  You will have fulfilled your duty according to the earth’s endowment handed out and entrusted to you to carry out and sustain the life of it.  You have planted the seed, and God has tenderly and firmly grasped it by his hands and pulled it up through the soil so it can rise and look to the sun to yield its fruit.  It is offered as a sacrament to nourish the body and in many forms and tastes to please the appetite.
The bounty of life awaits you and rewards you for your giving.  The voice of the wind discerns your worthiness, for if you give whole heartedly, the sound of it turns to sweet music.
If you offer nothing to the earth, it shall offer nothing in return.  He who sits and idles away the hours and reaps the benefits of others, becomes a hindrance to their ambitions, and sings but a dirge to the wasting away to what has been done by him.
The money tree becomes a symbol of what his dreams have led him to.  They speak to him before he awakens to face the reality of the dawn and say, “Shake it and your riches shall come to you;” but in truth if he is not the rightful heir, he has failed to earn it, even if it were to have grown from the roots of reality.
If he is honest in the spirit which whispers to him, “Isolate yourself from the soul of the earth.  Give nothing; henceforth, take from it,” he will wither and die.  If he is dishonest in the spirit   and takes forcibly from others, he robs himself of his own freedom.  He becomes shackled by his own fear and becomes afraid of the shadows that lurk in the night and seek revenge for his transgressions.  He has become a prisoner of his own greed.
The money tree, rising from the orchards of humor, is fun to laugh about in jest, but it is merely a fantasy the kindles the spirit of brotherhood.  Fantasy is a remedy to cure the languor that has taken control of your being.  
Listen to your innermost voice and keep your fantasies far away from the shores of reality and let the gardens of truth grow and flourish in your heart.

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