Violence is the name of the game
Written on our faces for all the same
Its our private hell we choose to live in
The Devil’s blessing that we are given
But rules are made to soften the blow
From all out blitzes to gentle down below
The ball carrier is our designated target
Our unrelenting mission, don’t we forget
We turn on the burners with him to find
Thinking with our guts, we cancel the mind
Our rage takes over and covers our eyes
How can we be unthinking and the same time wise?
Rules committee, human nature is of a conforming cloth
Compliance is for freaks to turn on and off
To stop in mid-air and tackle in a thoughtful manner
Maybe we could comply like a meticulous planner
Maybe instead of tackling we could just debate
On which strategy is more superior that we create
Then look up in the stands and see no one there
Nobody to cheer and nobody to care

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