Song of Winter

Slicing through the naked branches
of  winter’s hollow forest,
the wind, the exotic language,
a fanfare to the song of winter,
a prelude to the soul of the seasons,
a hidden secret, a divine acclamation,
a whispering hymn, an airy melody,
an empty chasm, the busy abyss,
the flying elves, the dancing gnomes,
the dark nights, a witch’s breath,
the icy tears, a song of sorrow,
the fluted air, the sad echoes,
whistling colors of winter’s white,
portrait of the earth,
breath of the boreal, frigid eyes,
the entrenchment of the seasons,
the hardening of the liquid lead,
the winds of the swirling earth,
the obedience to the laws of nature,
the mocking of the warming sun,
the pillagers of the gardens,
the rapists of the virgin waters,
mythical chariots, aerial wars,
restless cannons, pounding drums,
quiet interludes, smiling harps,
waters of the virgin mountain tops,
breath of the expired winds,
song of the dying aerial beasts,
back to the hills and valleys,
the road to the stirring climax,
the last stand, the omega,
the crawling of the weary,
the second breath of the running,
the pounding of the heart,
the melodic ride to the postlude
of the song of winter, the last chord
of the whistling winds thru’ the trees.

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