The guns of Corona firing at will,
crimson bullets of
microscopic proportions
dipped in poison,
the tainted blood of the whores
from the beds of Gomorrah,
the staining of the sheets,
the virus expanding and flying
into the mouths of more hosts,
the evil multiplying at random
propelled by the wind,
a reckless journey into
the pure air made impure,
soldiers firing poison bullets,
half men, half beasts,
disciples of Satan’s truths,
immortal slaves of decadence,
worshipers in the diabolic temples,
common man from common earth,
the perdition of a sinking man
knighted by the devil’s sword,
taking in the sacraments,
the rites of the macabre,
the conversion of a mild mannered
man to a savage beast relocating
from home to a place in hell,
from life to death to the half living,
a man’s body with no heart,
cold, cold eyes of total blackness,
manipulated by the devil,
following the mandates
of the new religion,
executing its genocidal commands,
its Apocalyptic avenging,
the total annihilation of the planet,
the workings of the devil’s army,
the virus from the guns of the Corona.

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Nelson D Reyes
27 days

“Knighted by the Devil’s sword...swore the sacraments of the macabre...“
“The beds of Gomorrah...blood of the whores...”
Hades images laid bare. Virus stark naked.
Grim reapers everywhere.

Like. Thank you Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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