I am as lost as lost can be.  I’m in the wilderness with my smart phone, and I don’t know how to use it.  Before technology was taken to a new level by superior intelligence, my thoughts used to be simple
and clear.  I could understand the basic fundamentals of technology.  I knew how to use my cell phone, my computer, and the remote control for the T.V.  Now I am technologized, left behind and bewildered by its new innovations.
The man who invented the wheel found out how to carry his goods with him without much trouble.  He made it available to other people so they could also.  It made life much easier for them.  They could see the basic concept of circular motion by the wheel as it turned and moved the goods on ahead with not as much effort.  
Nowadays these innovative concepts can’t be seen except by intelligent minds that can understand why the need for these inventions should occur.  Their clarity is my bewilderment.  I can’t see them because I don’t understand them the way they are.  
If these new concepts are intended to help, I’m all for them.  If they are just an extension of a complex intelligent mind, not intending to help, I don’t care to try and understand them. Life is too complicated for me, thanks to technological advances.  I’m completely satisfied with the way they were. If my knowledge could keep up with the innovators, it would be beneficial to me, but not the way it is now. I am completely technologized.

When new concepts become familiar
It’s the right time to move ahead
When new concepts are not yet familiar
They still move on ahead

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