The gap between the banks
of vision and accomplishment,
in the brooks, streams, rivers,
miles apart, oceans away,
looms ahead over open waters
of dreams and sweat,
between the far reaching shores,
stormy seas, tempestuous winds,
home of the faithful,
unreachable to the faithless,
the dreamers with no discipline.
The bridge with narrow lanes
that require careful navigating
not to fall off the shoulders,
daily logging to reach the shore,
faith in the self to stay on course,
a knowledge to evade all obstacles,
is constructed of faith and Hope.
Never shall be a distance
too far away.
Never shall it deter
the determined.
Never shall one lose sight of it.
Never shall it fade away
in his mind.
Never shall he fall short
of reaching the shores
no matter how far apart they are.

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Robert L. Martin
3 months

Thanx Nelson and Charlotte. I'm glad you liked it.

Nelson D Reyes
3 months

Thanks Robert.

Indeed the Master Plan. And there are change orders along the way brought about by circumstances although unknown are essentially embedded. Tribulations, crisis.
And because our very life was/is faith based we trust the Master Planner The Almighty Father. We have faith in Him. We .believe. We come to terms with the change order and do our part. We communicate with the Master Planner. We pray with faith, hope and love. We humbly summon the power within the prayers, the miracle, the healing.
While “human looks on the outward appearance, the Lord looks on the heart."
He provides the Bridge.

Uplifting poem. Like.

Charlotte B. Williams
3 months

Definitely want to keep the Faith,
and cross every bridge that comes in life.
I will make it over, I will make it through,
with Gods help.Thanks for the insight.

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