Orchestral swells to the common man,
a swooping unnoticed and unheard,
a race to the highest peak,
eliding over the intricate notes,
skipping over tender moments,
climbing gilded ladders of emptiness,
held up by the hands of velocity,
the flamboyance of artistry,
the hypocrites of sensitivity,
racing up to another melody
and arriving there early
to begin the next,
orchestral swells to the sensitive man
attentive to the details,
the artistry of the swooping,
the exactness of the notes,
the precision of their execution,
the living in a fleeting time,
a mental slowing down to a crawl,
the embracement of a soothing repose,
a love affair with each note,
a strolling in the garden
and smelling the flowers,
a silent meditation,
a presentation outside the body
a religious rite inside the mind,
an ode to the divinity of music,
a melodious worship,
an infinite experience,
a living in the heart of the almighty,
a successful presentation,
a satisfaction in the heart
regardless of what the listener says,
an ode to the sensitivity of the music.

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