The Music Hater

He lived in a small village on the outskirts of another small village.  He lived alone, because no one else wanted to be with him.  He listened to the radio, but when the music came on, he turned the volume down.  He thought to himself, ”How could anybody be moved by music?  They smile and move their feet when they hear it. They must be ignorant.  
I’m not ignorant. When I hear it, it does nothing to me. I don’t feel any different than when I did before I heard the music.  Only low class people are affected by it, and I’m not that low.  I’m much more intelligent than that.”
His life was only half lived.  His one side, the one that hated music, was sad and lonely.  His other side was full of facts and information, the wrong kind that intellectualized the freedom that music gives to the soul.  From the most ignorant to the most intelligent, music fills our souls with pleasure. Anyone who is not affected by it, continues to be at odds with his natural self, the one that lets pleasure come into his being.  
After he breathes his final breath, music will come to him like the soothing hands of a masseuse, ushering him into heaven that is filled with beautiful music.  If he rejects it now, what kind of relief would that be for him?  
Don’t fight it, you the music hater.  It is that beautiful language of heaven that is meant to suffuse your being and give you a taste of what God wants you to feel, the pleasure of music.

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