Yesterday the world was all mine.
I wrapped my fingers around the earth.
I brushed it against my cheek.
I felt its soft deserts and craggy mountains.
I sensed its fragility and weakened knees.
I hummed a lullaby to its nervous ears.
I arose in the east and traveled westward.
I shone my light upon the hidden meadows.
I saw beautiful gardens in her bosom.
I opened up the petals on the roses.
I drew the bees to their homes.
I pulled the grasses up through the soil.
I showered the plants with my loyal tears.
I followed the rivers with my electric eyes.
I drank the waters of the waterfalls.
I bathed in the deep blue oceans.
I played with the wolves and the wild grizzlies.
I led the charge of the buffalos.
I heeded the cries of the wounded beasts.
I ordered the lava back into the volcanoes.
I called to the skies and tamed the wild winds.
I held back the fury of the tempest.
I extinguished the lightning bolts.
I silenced the thunder.
I hugged Mother Earth with my loving arms.
I told her how much I loved her.
I told her, “There’s nothing to fear.”
She pledged her allegiance to me.
That was the day she was all mine.
That ballpark yesterday was all mine.
That opposing team was all mine.
That big fat pitch
Down the middle was all mine.
It looked like a watermelon ball,
So I crushed it and watched it
Sail over the fence.
Yesterday the world was all mine, alright.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Thanks for describing my poem. I wish I could. You describe them so eloquently.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Whole different ballparks these days. Lucky to have been under a blue sky and gentle winds during the times when Mother Earth’s thunders were silent. Yes we see red and dark seeds when we slice open a watermelon. Yet how sweet they are and thirst quenching why we reach for them when the sun is beating down on us in its trident fiery mood!
I am with you. As imperfect as yesterday’s world was it was a blossoming garden affirming life in every chance the plants get a glimpse of the love/life giving Sun. And the Earthworms rejoice!
We are banished once again from the Garden of Eden.
Like. Thanks Robert.

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