From a dark place in a far away land
where disciples in the counsel gather
in a wicked temple, home of the beast,
where serpents crawl along the floors
and the devil blows his venomous breath
into the lungs of his followers
through the chilling air,
a mission of ill intent begins to take place.
It pollutes the air with a sordid stench,
a mixing of the pure with the unholy,
of purity giving way to its opponent,
the good being overcome by evil,
rushed into the present
from future’s prophesies,
an air to be spread across land and sea,
a sickening breath
from the devil’s lungs.
As the wicked unseen air works its way
across the sea in ships and wayward winds,
contaminating everything in its path,
the works of the devil are almost complete.
As combatants scurry to outwit the devil,
to arm themselves with weapons
yet to be invented and assembled,
we hope and pray for a victorious battle,
the last stronghold of the Armageddon,
to eradicate the devil’s breath.
We are in God’s hands and
in the minds of the scientists
and at the mercy of the
outcome of their abilities.

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