We’re Methodist eaters, we are, we are,
O’er lands so near and lands so far.
‘Tis time to eat, but first we must pray.
But after the Amen, dive in and don’t wait.
Look out Baptists, and Lutherans too.
When we see the spread, ‘tis time to move.
We charge forth, jumping first in line.
All the pies and cakes, our tasty dinnertime.
Thou shalt not be selfish, the good ole word,
But when it comes to eating, forgive us Lord.
Maybe somewhere in the Bible there’s a saying,
“Stuff thyself full of cookies whilst thou praying.”
Please forgive us, Presbyterians and all the rest.
We Methodists are good eaters and all the best.
Maybe our sermons are on the level with yours,
But our eating is far and above so superior.
If eating was ever an Olympic sport,
The Methodists would win
The gold medal for sure.

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