The Face of Beauty

The face of beauty begins as a virgin’s sigh.  Then it takes flight as a bewildering smile that lights up the inner domain of my heart.  Like the tree of Heaven, it grows as a prelude to the Song of Life, a symphony of joy.  It quickens my breath and stirs my passion.  Oh thou, God of love, I tremble before thee and lose myself as does a fawn searching for its mother.  One glance at you envelops my being and leaves me thirsting for more pleasure.

Your beauty overpowers all reasoning with its magic, and reveals the sweetness of life as it emerges from the senses.  It pulls me closer to the rapture as I gaze into God’s gilded creation, his visible manifest.  

When life is a woman, yea a rhapsody, she reveals her exotic side to me.  Now I can see it in all its grandeur.  She leads me to the divinity in my soul where everything is holy, righteous, pure, clear, glorious, and God-like.  I move closer to it with each eager breath until I lose myself by its charm.  It is the beginning of the worship of life and the source of my quest for happiness.

To the non-believer lost in his conflicting beliefs, beauty is the altar hidden in his soul that he defies, but yet, worships with all his heart.  God is behind every smile and every breath.  Beauty answers to everyone of every faith.

From my book entitled, "In Reverence to Life."

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Robert L. Martin
6 months

Thanx Gregorio.

Gregorio H.
6 months

Not everyone knows the glorious and loveliness of an unearned face, not everyone appreciates it.
Beautiful portrait of beauty.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Thanx Jenifer.

J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

Very pretty!

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