How can you punish someone for being a bigot?  If he wants to be miserable with his convictions, let him be.  He doesn’t know that debasing someone else is debasing himself in the same manner.  His punishment is in his conscience; that innate judicial system that warns us before we commit a sin and punishes us for committing it.
Because someone looks different, he is not wrong.  Most of the time, after getting used to him, we find that he is no different in character than us, so we become attached to him as if he were one of us.  Interaction is the source of harmony.
The bigot still lives in the days when bigotry was in fashion.  Slave owners whipped their slaves as if they weren’t even human.  No matter how dignified they were, they were still treated in that manner.
Even though public sentiment toward race relationship still needs time to completely heal, laws were enacted to help it along.
As long as the bigot didn’t do any bodily harm to anyone, he still lives within the law.  The law is the only thing that prohibits him from doing harm.  He won’t listen to his conscience, his only source of righteousness within him.
By overlooking the good qualities in a person, one cannot grow in faith or understanding.  His predetermined evaluation limits him from accepting any different race or life style.  Everybody can learn from somebody else.  Culture must come from a well planned source in order to remain intact and passed down through generations.
As long as the bigot only harms himself, he is within the law to call anyone of any race names.  Leave him be to live with his own miserable self.

this poem was about poor Donald Sterling

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