Catastrophic glamour
before the eyes;
the fire, warfare, tragedy, death,
calling for the rivers to rise,
the boiling of the blood,
the adrenaline to
race to the senses,
to push against
the walls of the veins,
an exotic feeling to be felt,
a thrill to the loins and the heart,
the arousal of
the slumbering mind,
the resurrection of the spirit,
a granting of the devil’s wishes,
the feeling of the evil running,
the forces within us all,
the marching in the parade,
the desire to keep that feeling
and ward off all the opposition
such as the sanctifying of the
evil within with the opposing
reins of adrenaline
that come into our being
and control our evil deeds,
that control the evil deeds
of the rioters and looters
by replacing
the adrenaline high
with the thrill of the
rivers of love that
race to the senses,
a new adrenaline high
that restores the peace,
the freedom desired
within is all.

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Robert L. Martin
4 months

Hi Nelson.
I like your analogies better than mine. Especially what you say about "The honor of being human."
Of living up to our expectations, the bar that was set up for us through our creation

Nelson D Reyes
4 months

Restore our basic senses of civility
Respect for each other’s privacy
And the inherent right to pursue our dreams
All of us humankind
The freedom to be there
To access the reality of happiness we desire
Restore the inherent virtues that guided us to a civil society
The honor of being called a human
Our rejection of any forms of inhumanity by words or deeds.

Yes we need a horses dose of adrenaline to restore all this-a reawakening, a call to basic decency that hopefully would sweep the world in a positive way unlike the pandemic virus that’s currently in our midst that’s driving us nuts not knowing if we live or die in the next moment when we let our guards down.

Sorry I got too much adrenaline from your poem. And from sheltering in forever. I am ready for the vaccine.

Love and fave. Thanks Robert.

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