Scalermen at the foot
of the beast, the
mountain reaching into
the mystifying clouds
with its peak buried
in the bosom of the maze,
scaling musicians with
apprehension in the spirit
looking at the craggy cliffs,
the task of scaling that beast,
the devil’s toy in the
playground of the earth,
the laborious ascension
up through the wilderness,
musicians playing scales,
an arduous preparation,
a nervous execution,
the quickest way
to the summit and back down,
then the journey back up again
with a new mind and attitude,
the mountain turned into music,
a knowledge of its heart,
the submission to its power
with a new strength to climb
as the mountain grows soft,
its cliffs made of velvet,
changing colors from black
to a vibrant green
with arms that lift the spirit
and a heart that shares
the same blood.
No more painstaking
journey up the rocky cliffs,
but now a ride in the
arms of music and power
as scalermen climb
with pleasure as the force.

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