The Speed of Life
From the seed to the final curtain
We rise up and fall down before we think
Time is a runaway steed away from home
The storm passes through at a fleeting glance
Lightening flashes plod along so slowly
Mountains steepen as rivers get too heavy
Rivers run while brooks are born
Oceans drain out while ships are crossing
Morning wakes while night just began
Trees ride up to the sky on wild stallions
The earth is moving back to the spirits
Adam and Eve are two lovers of the future
Revelations and Genesis are inseparable friends
They run together before the speed of time
The future is in the pudding blended with the past
The present is a story that runs by too fast
Writers are like slow moving oxen
Time slips through their fingers like butter
Stories of the seasons are stories of a chime
Every sound lingers through eternal seas
Every wave is a pitch to high to hear
The song of the sea is a barcarole with no end
Mermaids race through the tides at will
Dragging sailors down to the bottom
Before the devil’s due, the angels sing
After all it is a song with no pitch
Time is not time, but a flash in the infinite
The speed of life is a flash of a flash

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Shemené Kok
almost 5 years

We have no life we just do what is expected of us,. We are truly not living. We are just passing time aren't we? This one has me in tears, see I realise now how ruined we are. Humanity.

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