Despotic Serenade

Oh sweet music, thou art sublime
Thy melody and too thy gentle rhyme
The way you’ve come to take me over
Fired up my passion, my loins astir
I’m a dreamer alone with an empty soul
A winter’s breath without a lump of coal
Cast in the wilderness with no way out
Supplications unheard, a hopeless shout
Despotic serenade, fill my lonely arms
With sweet music as thy melodic charms
A quiet power for music to move inside
Please take me on an exhilarating ride
Thy comforting voices commanding
Rightful sound for the heart’s demanding
Cast me into music’s sacred fire
Into the heat of an angel’s choir
I saw the unseen and heard the unheard
As new visions and sounds so appeared
I’m no longer a puppet with an empty heart
But moved by melodic strings from the dark
Despotic serenade, my charming heroine
Worked its magic through me from within

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