The Taming

As passion runs into the wild
with its machetes and missiles
into the fires of Gomorrah,
it’s heart running full speed ahead,
its brain left behind
at the academies of higher learning,
it’s mouth tasting the
blood of the daughters of Eros,
it’s wings lifting it off the ground
claiming the skies above,
the avenue to the diabolic paradise,
full steam ahead with no
thought of letting up,
resisting any kind of taming,
a beast and always a beast
alone in its lonely asylum,
a beast with a hidden heart,
a silent pumping
of an exotic blood,
a surging of the warmth
from a secluded calling,
a gradual longing for
the brain that was left behind,
a conscience dead and buried,
a desire to bring them back,
to restore that long lost
amiable feeling in the heart,
to reach out for someone
and see that someone
longing for the same thing,
the taming of the beast,
of passion unattended
leading to the curtailment
of its wild running in
compliance to its own desires.

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