—Sgt. John Smith. 1985 – 2017 -
—Killed in action—
—On May 27, 2017 -
—In Afghanistan—
—By a single bullet—
—To the head—
—While rescuing—
—His wounded comrade—
—A hero who died—
—To preserve our freedom—
—A good soldier and a loving father—
—Of three daughters—
—Susan, Betsy, and Sarah—
—And loving wife, Freda—
—He will always be remembered—
—For his bravery and his dedication—
—To his family and his country—
—Good—by John –
—You will always be on our minds—
—And in our hearts—
—Rest in peace –

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

In death we celebrate life. Step back a little and read again: in death we celebrate life.
A continuum, in essence an immortality-an Infinity loop.

John Smith is up there that’s why we have Memorial Day to celebrate all the John Smiths
In this world...again and again.

Thanks Robert. Like.

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