Passion streaming, colors gleaming
into the sweet air among the jasmine,
the tears of heaven, of pure bliss,
the sadness, the pain, the ecstasy,
blue passion living in the eyes,
the heart’s delight and sorrow’s rivers,
the sound from weeping trumpets,
from tears falling from the sleeves,
the dew among the Marigolds,
the nighttime melting into day,
the glassy lakes, the singing forests,
the smiling wind, the sweet zephyrs,
the passion of the blue violets,
the pain caught up in the spider’s web
and the freedom in the way out,
the sweet sounds floating in the air
through the portals lined in velvet,
blue passion running with the music,
the tender caressing of the valves,
the heart in cadence with the air,
the murmuring brooks in harmony,
the colors of symphonic bliss in array,
the sweet scent of the rose gardens
bringing heaven down to earth
with their adhesive tears,
the tender passion colored in blue
mixed with the red flames of the heart,
a potpourri of blood and tears,
the colors of pain and ecstasy,
the blue of sadness, the red of joy,
the white of purity,
the consecration of the music
as it flows through the bell,
the trumpet of the trumpet,
the mouth of the heart
into the sea of sacred waters,
of sound sensitized and love caressed,
of thoughts blossoming into music,
and music turning into colors,
into passion colored blue.

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Robert L. Martin
2 months

Thanx Nelson.
Everytime I hear Chris Botti play the trumpet, the words just fall into me.

Nelson D Reyes
2 months

“the smiling wind... the heart in cadence with the air,”

Like and fave. Thanks Robert

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