Time In A Flash

My Resume`
For teaching history
At the university:
After the Earth was born out of the darkness,
I lived in a cave and mated with my neighbor.
We saw an angry dinosaur and ran like hell.
I traded my two pigs for two wheels
To put on a big box and called it a wagon.
I saw the Crucifixion of Jesus.
I bought a flintlock to hunt with.
I joined the American Civil War.
After the war I was awestruck by a
Benz Motorwagon I saw on the road.
I saw the Indians win the World Series
On the first television set in the city.
I got my first job working at Amazon.
I bought my first aeromobile
To fly over the heavy traffic.
After the Battle at Armageddon,
I lived and worked on a farm.
Am I qualified for the job?

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