The Runaway Girl

She is one of the normal many; neat, proper, jovial, goodhearted, gregarious, companionable, but also immature, insecure, hypersensitive and fragile.  She is in her forties, but her emotions and mind are that of a ten year old. She has a deep fear of rejection.  In her mind she thinks she is being rejected, but in reality she isn’t.  Because of her limited intelligence, she’s incapable of listening to reason when she thinks she’s being rejected.  All she does is misinterpret what really happened, when there was something else crucial that needed attention at the moment besides her.  She has no patience to let it evolve.  She has to be the center of attention just like a child.  
Her heart is warm, but cold up close.  She’s drawn to love but only half of it.  One half is open and the other half is closed.  The closed part is where all the scars are.  Her past is a horror story of demons and sexual predators that only exist in her frightened mind.  
Her insecurity and boredom prevent her from feeling passionate about anything.  She has no hobbies or interests.  She leans on people who do, and doesn’t care to understand anything about them.  She in her selfish manner, still insists on their undivided attention.
She is very sad and lonely, but avoids any kind of intimacy.  She needs to be close to someone all the time, but not too close.  She makes up stories of her past to make others feel sorry for her.  That way she can make up excuses for the way she acts; paranoid, frightened and confused.  
The poor runaway girl; all she needs is love, understanding, and someone who has a lot of patience.  Then the two of them will have a happy life together, avoiding any kind of passion or intimacy.

Love is a fate worth gaining
Half a love is a fate unfulfilled
Total love is a normal desire
Half a love is the fear of love

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Robert L. Martin
about 6 years

Thank you Sarana

Sarana Conradie
about 6 years

Deep, very powerful

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