A handful of pills, and a silence that kills,
The weakening mind, and heart full of thrills
Throw my head back, choke and swallow
My spirit is hurting and my heart is hollow
It’s too hard to follow, it’s so hard to trust
One man’s treasure is another man’s lust
I don’t want be left, face down in the dust
But it hurts too bad to stand back up
As I lay here dying, every second that slips by
I remember the days, I remember the times
The good ones where I tried
The bad ones where I lied
Pick up the weapon and turn and strike
I watch the blood pour, and flow into a river
It tickles down my arms and legs and it makes me shiver
And gasp with relief
The pain I feel is pleasant and I drown as I weep
This is it, the one last time
I know this is the end, this is goodbye  
It is a sad thing, it holds much sorrow
But it’ll all be forgotten before tomorrow
Tomorrow doesn’t exist, not for me
This thought makes me tremble, my voice shakes as I speak
Just to myself, and an empty room
My heart keeps pounding like a sonic boom
“You’ll be okay, you always are, always will be. Even though it doesn’t seem, to ever change. By tomorrow you’ll be gone and everything will be okay.”
I’ve never thought, things wouldn’t be okay
I always told myself that that was the only way
To stay sane
To keep my life
And now I lay here and solemnly die
It was a good fight, it was a good run
But now my time is finished
My time here is done
My hourglass of life, has run all the way down
And by tomorrow, that empty hourglass will be all that is found
All that still exists
Of a poor broken child who couldn’t bare to live


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