I like to be happy
With general people
I know right and wrong
Good from evil
I like to smile and laugh a lot
And make others smile and laugh a lot
But behind closed doors
Locked to my liking
It’s a constant struggle
Constant fighting
I am depressed
Behind closed doors
Locked tightly shut
Just like my eyes
Laying down on the floor
I want nothing to do with me
This blank and empty space
This ugly face
This ugly body structure
Why no one is fond of me
No wonder
I can study myself in mirrors
For hours on end
But nothing changes
Nothing blends
I want to smash through walls
And crush everything in sight
I’m depressed behind closed doors
So if I snap I just might
Expect it won’t be things I’ll break
It’ll be me that I crush
I’m just not strong enough
Outside I’m fine
Behind closed doors is when I hit floors
Rock bottom
Hit it solid
The pain and turmoil nothing in comparison
As to the hate I spear towards myself


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The Anon Poet
oltre 5 anni

Beautiful poem. If you need someone let me know

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