It’s too late
To make the change
Reverse this curse that we call blame
And though I know it won’t be the same
I’m gonna’ leave this world the same way I came
Stripped bare to the bones
You know that fact will never change
We all forget that what we have never stays
When we leave this world the objects still, will remain
No starstruck fame
No, not a glimmer or shimmer
Not even a fucking picture or frame
Nothing can stay
And that’s the way that this life is
As we decay
They awake
To step forward to judge our every mistake
Let’s take a break
From this shit
It’s getting old
I’m tired of counting
There’s more to life than gold
And all I wanna’ do is not what I’m told
I won’t fold
I’m a special brand
Drug addicts everywhere try to take the stand
Away from me
But my life’s not that bland
I’ll take what’s mine to the key
Even if it’s not fair or if it’s history
It’s still mine and it belongs to me
I don’t give a damn
I’ll take my fucking stand
And whether or not you want to
You will listen to my command
I can pop knuckles
I can pop collars
Yet I can’t even count all these dollars
And if anybody hollers
Just tell 'em I’m with The Heavenly Father
Take what they want if they hunger
For the cash
I don’t want it anymore
It’s costing me so much more
Than I could’ve ever thought
Possibility costs
I should’ve known that before my soul was lost
All I am is what I demand
Yeah I’m the boss
But I’m sick and tired of all the loss
Trying to be bigger than the average man
Why even try when no one gives a damn
People don’t even try to understand
They just try to bring me down
Every step I take is solid ground
So fuck what they say or do to try and make me drown
It’s too late for that now
I’m already suffocatin’
Just waitin’
For that day to come when my ashes can be spun
To sew a brand new me
If that’s what it takes I’ll do it flying free
It’s the deeds
I’ve done
From this moment on
I don’t need the bullshit anymore
I’ve already hit the floor
I can’t say what has changed
I can’t say that I’m the only one
Who hasn’t stayed the same
But I don’t want this anymore
This is too much blame
I’m walking out that fucking door
Dragging my broken chains
I’m lifting my spirit to the sky of flames
I’d rather burn myself to ashes that remain as this world crashes
Haunted by these ugly demons that hide inside every wall
Every mirror awaits me to fall
To my knees
Beg and plead
It’ll never work
Not on me
Not now, not ever
I’m standing on forever
Whether it’s just me and the weather
Or it’s me and the angels
Looking at you fools from different angles
Hoping you may change like I did one day
Keep your minds’ stable
We can see em’ and read em’
You may not that we are able
To do this
But we can
And we do
Hoping and praying you’ll all be here soon
Hoping you’ll live forever too
We sing with the saints
And we repaint
All of the cities and all of the states
All of the oceans, countries, the earth itself
Because we sing
Hoping someday it might actually help
We’re singin’
All that you are
Is all that I am
Life is hard
Boring and bland
As evil as they come
As vile as they seem
We were once one of them
You just couldn’t see
The souls we hid from plain sight
Out of fear and out of fight
We made it, and you can too
All you have to do
Is let go
Be one for one
Don’t put on a show
If you never try you will never know
And that is such a pity
Believe me so
Listen to these words that sound so unlike
What you like
Stop the struggle
End the fight
It’s okay
You’ll be alright
Because it’s time for a new you
To be formed of the light


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