I’m going to run away
Far, far away
I always run away
I’m such a coward
I always run away from my problems
Or cover them up with lies
Hell, I even lie to myself
And I actually fucking believe it
That’s the worst part of it all
So there’s no need to want to fix me
Because I still have feet
I still have legs
I still have lungs
I’ll run until I hit ground
This isn’t your problem
I’m not your concern
Please just leave me be
Please just let me run away
Let me go
Because I’ve let myself go
I am undeserving of all things
A coward
That is all I am
I have no right to any of this
I have no right to even stay here
So I’ll run
Because that’s the only thing I know how to do
I always feel like shit
I always bring everyone down
I’m always fucking something up
And no one even wants me around
I lie to myself
My family and friends
And in return they lie to me
I don’t deserve to have these wings
So I’ll rip them off
And keep running on
I’ll keep running away


Coward, Running, Scared, Sorrow

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