Respect the Earth
Respect all Beings
Respect Beliefs
And in return
Someday they will turn around
And say
'Thank You’
Though it may not happen at first
Or for a very long time in circumstance
It will happen
You’ll have their respect and gratitude
For caring when no one else did
For seeing things overlooked
And taking the time to tread carefully
Walk forward
And say
'I Am, Here’
Because I am, here
Not for respect
Not for worldly things
Not to make myself feel good
But because I truly do care
And I know the world needs someone who cares
And I know eventually
I will be noticed
The way I care when no one else does
The way I see things overlooked
I will be noticed
And I will hear
'I Am, Here’
And I will respond
'Thank You’
'I Have Been Waiting So Long’
And I will hear
'I Know’
'But I Am, Here’
And I shall reach out with my arm
Stretching out my palms and fingers
And my hand shall be taken
Held tenderly
And I shall be pulled out from the darkness
From this nation of creatures
I’ll burden no more
I’ll have played my part
And none shall suffer another second
Because all will be at peace
And I will feel the light
Glisten upon my face
And I shall know
I am, here


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