For those who struggle as I have. It's never too late. Don't make a permanent solution to tempory problems.
Stay strong.
You CAN do this.
I promise.

It’s like constant static in the background
Or a scratched up CD on repeat
It’s a voice that is always there in the back of your mind
Like parents arguing
Over silly, trivial things
You can hear it late at night
Or in the middle of day
Any time in between
It’s always there
Trying to take a place where it doesn’t belong
Like an unwanted weed in a field of daisies
It starts with one
A seed
And then it grows
Takes up more space
And the fills the field with ugly greens
Yet one daisy always prevails
It’s like non-stop chatter
On the radio in the car
For five hours straight
No music
Just constant arguing and bickering
Over blotted out things
It’s annoying
The term itself is agonizing
Retribution should be an option
But it’s not
Once a seed has been planted
Once the arguing and chattering and static begin
It can only get worse from there
The what if
The would if I could
The how
The why
The when
What if I had never existed
I would go back and tell myself what’s to come if I could
How am I going to get through this
Why is this happening to me
When will it end
I could go on and on
But the picture is clear
The word 'suicide’
Is always there
It brings fear
But it’s always stuck inside your head
Once it’s there
It’s always there
Whether it progresses or not
The word 'suicide’
Bring feelings that some can never understand
It might bring hope to the one pursuing
Or fear
Or curiosity
But the word 'suicide’
Never leaves
The voices make sure that never happens
It leads to nothing but pain
For the ones left behind
And the ones who gave in, I’m not certain
Nor is anyone for that fact
But if we take responsibility for our actions
We may never have to wish for those persons back
The cruelty is a choice
The hate is a curse
And once those emotions
Are set in motion
We can cause a lot of destruction
And it could even end
With the word 'suicide’
Plastered to our hearts and foreheads
Written in the blood of the ones we have lost
Or conscious
The loss is the same
The word 'suicide’
In the end is a question
'Who’s to blame?'


Suicide Awarness is top priority in this piece.
Please people, spread awarness, save lives, help those with these types of problems heal and stay strong.
Depression is an illness. With or without cause.
It's unseen until it's too late.
Let's give those suffering, those who've given in, a chance to heal.
Together we will be their voice.

Make the world a little better, one mind, one try, one unselfish act at a time.~

Suicide, Suicide Prevetion/Awarness, Abuse, Change, Blame, Life-Saving, Life-Taking

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L. J. Slaferek
más de 5 años

This is a very beautiful piece, with a powerful message, I appreciate the understanding with which you address the topic, it's a +1 from me- but more than that.

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