You still walk across my mind
Even though you hurt me the way that you did
The soles of your shoes continue to trample my heart
My body is now refusing to live
You broke my heart
Now I’m going to finish breaking the rest of myself for you
I know it’s true
I have a dream
Yes I have a dream
That the demons paint the roses black
That the flowers wilt and die from our pasts
I have a dream
That someday maybe the skies might be blue for me
Instead of the star crossed black
Maybe someday I can learn to love again
I have a dream
Yes a beautiful dream
If we can stand up together
And arise from the depths
Just maybe
We can breathe again
I have a dream
A dream about you and me
If we can make it through
All of the heartache of this world
Maybe we can love again
Maybe we can love again
I have a dream
For myself
To arise out of this cage that I’m trapped in
To arise out of the hell that I’ve been placed in
I don’t want to hurt myself anymore
I don’t want to kill me more than I have
I have a dream
Maybe it’s stupid
And unreachable
But I have a dream
To reach the skies beyond this dark rain cloud
To be who I’d love to be and dream as I dream right now
I have a dream
That you’ll all stand up and sing
The walls can tumble down at a moments grasp
So come join me
Let’s make the dream last
I have a dream
And so do you
Don’t let it die
Make it come true
I have a dream
I have a dream
I will make it my reality
As a star crossed lover in a monsters disguise
I will become a solider and I will arise
For all those lonely nights
For all who is dead
For all of us dying
I will stand up once again
I have a dream
A lovely dream
Let us begin again
Let our dreams be seen
I have a dream
Don’t let it die with me


Love; Loss; Dreams; Passions; Hope

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S. Morris
más de 6 años

Thank you once again dear :3

Olga Gavrilovskiy
más de 6 años

I love how your dreams transform from those of nightmares into those of hope :-)


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