I’m not a perfect person
I’m no living god
I’m just walking on with what I’ve got
I haven’t a dime, not a nickel to my name
But I know how to play the fucking game
With streetwise fucking gain
I’ll earn my way to the hall of fame
Angels may come and go but they’re kept at bay
Demons have a hold on me, I just cannot get away
Wrapping their filthy fingers across my shirt that’s stained
With the blood and vomit from myself and those I take
No, I cannot look away
Because I can’t go up if they’re around
And so I’m bound, to the rules of streetwise fame
And so I’m found, in a forsaken way
Clarity never could save the day
All it caused was pain
And as I’m reaching for my notebook I write down the words I pray
I never wanted this but it all just blew away
Out from under me
I’m stuck on this rotted reef, of liquor and tainted seeds
These deadly things
Yet good is still within my grasp
But I’ve never been one to ask
So all I do is take
I take and take, it’s my mistake
But oh no
It’s too late
I’ve got the streetwise gain
And as I fade it slips into my veins
Satan has me on his fucking list
As a fucking hypocrite
Though some bullets have missed
Me, just by an inch or twist
Best start running 'cause I will floor you bitch
With just one flick of my wrist
I’m not going to lie here and be pissed
You spit at me yet you’re the one that kissed
My ass goodbye, with one last wish
My one last wish is for us to switch
All these face look the same
And I’m screaming at the top of my lungs just so they know my name
It’s streetwise fame
Streetwise gain
I’m coming up just the way I came
And once at the top
Fuck, I’m here to stay
Streetwise, sympathize
It doesn’t matter how hard one tries
You can’t have the smarts without the ties
That keep you bound from Heaven’s sight
We can’t be gods amongst souls but we can be gods in life
Because streetwise fame
Gives you nothing but pain
And when the sand runs out
We are here to stay
Surrounded with the fire
And branded with hot iron stating our own name
We are branded by the things we do, because that is who we are
And take my word of advice
Streetwise, whether gain or fame
Never got me far


Gangsters, Streetwise, Pain, Earn, Steal, Kill, Fame

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