We saw bodies
Floating along the light haze
We didn’t think to stop
It wasn’t worth the trouble of our days
We saw the wreckage
Before our very eyes
We didn’t stop; no, we didn’t stop
It just wasn’t worth our time
If we could have thought twice
Even once would’ve sufficed
We did not think
And that’s no surprise
We welcomed the living
But did not greet the dead
We didn’t think; no, we didn’t see
How it’d better our lives for best
We saw mother and child
Father and son
Floating along the light haze
And yet nothing was done
If I could have called out
I would have done so thoughtlessly
But I couldn’t find the right words
Yet no words wasn’t of shamelessly
I wanted to open the door to the dead
I just couldn’t comprehend
Why they were just left
Why we just left
We saw bodies
We saw life
We watched the dead pass right before our eyes
And I couldn’t figure out why
Why, oh why
Why did we not stop
Why couldn’t I find my voice
Was I trapped in the silence
Or the obstructive noise
Was it the cold, or the pitter-patter of rain
As if even the sky were crying on that fateful night
As if all existence were in pain
I saw bodies
Yes, and I saw death
I saw thoughtlessness; carelessness
And all I feel now is regret
I saw the wreckage
And I felt the cold
I saw the young, the middle, the old
As though I was one with the lost
And maybe that’s just what I am
Like those who we passed by
They may forget, but I haven’t forgot
We as a whole
Were all lost that night
And I still believe to this day
That we have yet to be found

I wrote this about the Titanic.
Rest in pieces, to those who were lost.

Titanic; Loss; Bodies; Death; Regret; Lost; Left Behind

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