The testimonial of loneliness in love.

In a  house so full of people, I am alone.
Whith all this company and I’m still on my own.
By myself I sit and I ask where everyone has gone.
Loneliness has struck even amongst many others around me I know.
I am on my own,  I am by myself,  I am alone.
So much to live for yet no-one is around.
My heart belongs to someone,
But my company has become my own.
I never liked being all by myself with no-one but everyone around.
It’s not who I was, but it was all taken away slowly day by day, funny I haven’t even noticed that I threw my entire being away and died.
I died for someone else and lived for them.
They are still here, but I am alone and I have nowhere to go.
Love is not roses and I have nowhere to go.
Expectations are ruthless creatures and I still have nowhere to go.

Woman give up all they have for their families. Yet always end up alone or disappointed due to expectations.

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