The Storm

to Ash

Sunlight above us as we continue.
My heart as blissful as ever alongside you.
The beauty and meaning of life shows itself.
Until a vigorous vigilante of life strikes us.
I haven’t cried so much before.
I swear I can’t even remember how it was a few years ago.
The life within me as shook as it is now.
Standing in front of this alter with nothing but a faint stair of my hands as I bow.
Hurt I am, they say it will pass.
Loved I am, they say it will last.
Betrayed I was, they said it would change me.
Lost I am, they found me at last, the terrors of my past.
Praying alongside you till the memories disappear.
Laying in tears, swimming for the shore of this fear.
Aching as I smile at you dear.
The storm is upon me and you are still near.
Hold my hand till it passes and don’t let go.
Hold my heart.
Hold my soul.
Keep near.
Don’t ever let me go, but let the storm go.

Tough times

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